Full grain leather vs Top grain leather - What's the difference?

Whether you purchase leather goods online or at The Leather Farm, you have undoubtedly noticed that various types of leather are used to make the products. Regretfully, a lot of buyers search for "genuine leather" rather than "full grain" or "top grain," as they are unfamiliar with these...

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How to Clean a Leather Bag at Home

Whether you are someone who uses leather daily or saves it up for special occasions, it needs periodic cleaning. Your leather purse may not respond well to standard cleaning methods due to its uniqueness. Keep your leather bag clean and extend its life with these tips. How often...

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A Guide to Leather Scratch Repair

Leather may appear to be a fairly tough material, but scratches can show up quickly and are difficult to overlook. There are businesses that repair leather, but they may be expensive. To ensure that a product you're using doesn't alter the color or texture of your bag, it's...

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