3 Steps to Properly Care for Your Leather Bag

Creating a high-quality leather bag is due to centuries-old traditional methods used by experienced craftsmen and so it needs proper care. You don't need to indulge your leather; learning about proper leather bag care is essential. Focusing on cleaning, conditioning, and storing your leather bag is critical. Here...

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How to choose the best leather duffel bag for travel

A leather or soft fabric duffle bag caters to everyone, with vegan options also on offer. An elevated duffle bag can serve as a versatile option that can replace both your weekender bag and carry-on luggage, provided it complies with airline size restrictions. This product features numerous pockets,...

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Which Leather is Best for Bags?

Think about the sort of leather used when buying a purse made of leather, such as suede, top grain, rectified grain, and genuine leather. Because full grain is better and can be used in more applications, it is the recommended option for bags. Full-grain is the highest quality...

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Is Leather Waterproof? Or Water Resistant?

The term "water resistant," indicates that the material has some natural ability to resist water penetration, but it is not completely waterproof. This guarantees protection from light rain, though it may struggle with heavier downpours. Alternatively, waterproof materials can be formulated to endure water immersion without any damage....

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