How to Clean a Leather Bag at Home

Whether you are someone who uses leather daily or saves it up for special occasions, it needs periodic cleaning. Your leather purse may not respond well to standard cleaning methods due to its uniqueness. Keep your leather bag clean and extend its life with these tips.

How often should I clean a leather bag?

Women's leather wallets and purses need to be cleaned once a month exit list at least to maintain the overall appearance and health of the bag.

How to clean leather bag at home

You are in the process of cleaning a leather purse try to follow these guidelines:

1. Removal of all items from the bag

Always check that your leather bags are empty before cleaning them. Remove everything from the bag, including valuables, diaries, or wallets. Thoroughly empty all of the pockets to ensure that nothing tiny, like crumbs or rubbish, is hidden inside. To ensure that any loose objects are expelled, shake the bag by turning it upside down.

2. Utilize a lint roller to clean the interior

A lint roller is very useful to remove any loose material from the inside of the bag so use it when you want to clean your genuine leather bag. Even after shaking the bag, tiny fragments of litter may stick to a lint roller.

3. Wipe down the bag

The next step is to add warm water until a small dish is halfway full. The next step is to include a few drops of leather soap into the cleaning solution and mix well. You may use a gentle, white, moist towel to wipe the bag off with the solution, regardless of whether it's a brown or white leather bag. Keep in mind that the bag might absorb any dyes from colorful clothing.

4. Buff the bag with a white cloth

After wiping off the entire leather solution, get a dry, clean towel (white only, again). Buff the bag with this gentle cloth to dry it. The leather should start to seem more shiny as the bag dries.

5. Clean the hardware

After you've cleaned your other leather bag, the following step is to restore the hardware's appearance using a cotton swab and metal polish. Using a soft, clean piece of cloth, remove the tarnish after applying the polish with the swab. Be careful not to scratch the metal or chip any of it by working too vigorously. You should also avoid getting metal polish on the leather to prevent discoloration.

6. Apply a leather conditioner

Applying a leather conditioner is the last step in cleaning a leather handbag. Using water to clean leather could remove its natural oils, making the bag more likely to fracture. Leather conditioner can provide restorative moisture, smooth leather, and a longer lifetime.

Removing stains from leather bags

Preventing stains from settling into your leather luggage requires timely stain treatment. You should have a professional cleaner to clean your unfinished leather purse if it absorbs water when you spray it.

Finished leather bags should be easily cleaned at home with mild soap and water. The type of stain determines the best treatment. Read on for advice on how to select the most effective cleaners for stubborn stains like pen, wine, oil, and grease.

1. Stains from ink

Take some isopropyl or rubbing alcohol in a cotton swab and apply to the stain. Then use a fresh white cloth to blot the stain to remove it from the bag. Continue massaging the affected region with the second white towel till it dries after that. It might be necessary to try again if the stain is difficult to remove.

2. Wine spots

Make a paste of tartar cream and lime juice, taking them in equal parts, to remove wine stains from leather bags. Once you apply the paste directly to the stain and let it rest for around ten minutes. Use an immaculate white cloth to wipe away the paste. You may simply repeat the procedure if the paste is unable to entirely erase the wine stain. Leave your leather bag to air dry once you get rid of the stain.

3. Oil and grease stains

Baking soda, and cornstarch, are helpful to remove the nasty oil and grease stains from leather. Before retiring for the night:

  • Take some talcum powder that you like and dust the stain with it.
  • Use a soft bristled brush in the morning, to remove the powder and stain.
  • Take action as required.

Keep your treasured leather bags clean

If you want your leather purse to last long, clean it regularly. This keeps its lustre and appearance intact for long. Is your genuine leather handbag or messenger bag ready for better maintenance after reading our leather bag cleaning tips?


1. What is the best method to clean leather bags?

Mix a little leather soap with warm water and apply it to the stained area using a soft cloth. Now dry the bag with a dry cloth and apply a leather conditioner to maintain its moisture and suppleness. Avoid using colored cleaners and use a dry white towel.

2. Can I wash a leather bag?

Remember not to wash or soap pure leather purse in water to clean it. Instead, moderately clean your leather bag with a damp white cloth using some warm water and a little leather soap.

3. How do you clean genuine leather?

For cleaning genuine leather first of all brush off all the loose debris, make leather soap and warm water mixture, soak a clean cloth in the soap mixture, remove any excess moisture from the cloth, wipe the bag with it and then let it dry at room temperature. Remember to use the right cleaner for particular kind of damage like baking soda for oils stains, rubbing alcohol for stains of ink and tartar cream-lemon juice mixture for wine stains. If small holes are found, use glue from fabric or craft stores to seal them.