Best Leather Cleaners and Conditioners

Leather can be pretty pricey and usually holds a lot of sentimental meaning. Good leather stuff can be handed down for ages, especially if you take good care of them.

Taking care of your leather items involves a solid conditioning and care routine. Genuine leather is usually made from an animal skin or hide with natural oils in it. The leather upon processing is used to create items like leather purses, handbags, wallets, jackets, furniture, car seats and so on. However, it's important to remember restore the natural oil of the leather with a good leather conditioner.

For treating leather, you'll want to go with natural, rich, oil-based conditioners. So, you should use an oil-based conditioner, that really gets in there and moisturizes the leather fibers deep down. Check out how to pick the perfect conditioner for leather, with some unexpected details on what to avoid.

Why is it important to clean leather?

Leather is super tough and naturally keeps dirt away, but eventually, it'll start to get dirty. It all comes down to how dirty the leather item is and how it's been used. Compared to leather furniture or bags, leather shoes are more prone to get dirty. If you expose leather to very wet, dry, or dirty conditions, then naturally it is going to require more cleaning compared to an item that you rarely use. You know, the best thing about using a leather product is all about how it looks and how it feels the look and feel of it. Maintain your favourite leather item by keeping it clean. It should be done on a regular basis and do not forget to moisturise it too.

Cleaning Leather

For cleaning leather, you can use a special cleaner made to clean the type of leather you use or a good moisturizing soap. Remember you need to test the cleaner or moisturizer by applying it on a small area of leather before you use it. Such an area shouldn't be seen so that the look of the item is not damaged in case of any reaction. Upon testing the cleaner or moisturizer, take a soft, damp cloth and pour the product over it and then to apply it over a large area of the leather. Apply it with a circular motion. Then take a moist cloth to soak any extra moisture left behind. Keep the leather aside to dry on its own but be careful. No direct sunlight! You can also use steam to clean the leather. It will get rid of germs and dirt, but it won't get rid of stains and spots since steam doesn't penetrate deep into the leather.

Using Leather Care Products

While using leather care products take care to follow these instructions:

Take utmost care to check that the type of leather care product you use to maintain your leather items is made specifically the type of leather that you are going to treat.

Before using the product make a habit to test it a small area of leather, which is not apparently seen.

Apply the leather care product on a microfiber cloth instead of using directly on the leather.

Be sure to apply the product in the direction of the grain and be sure to remove any additional product applied with a clean cloth.

Let the leather dry naturally and do not keep it in sunlight.

If you wish to apply any conditioner after the cleaning process, then apply it in very small quantities as too much conditioner can damage the leather product more than not applying at all.

How to choose the best conditioner for leather in 5 steps

1. A water repellent, not a waterproof one

To many, this is a surprise, since leather and water don't go well together and water, even rain, can damage your leather badly. But leather being a natural material should be able to breathe with pores. Now when you use water repellent which is waterproof it seals the pores of the leather not allowing it to breathe. Also, with this waterproof water repellent applied on the leather, you cannot condition the leather until its waterproof layer comes off. So, stay away from goods that claim to cover the outside of the leather. The best cleansers for leather don't let water in, so the leather can breathe.

2. Choose ingredients that are safe

You can't say this enough: leather is a simple, natural material, and so should be the things you use on it. That means not using finishes that smell bad or sprays that are too thin and watery. They might make your leather look shiny at first, but they won't do anything to make it last. At best, these items give your leather a quick boost that doesn't last long. In the worst case, they can dry out your leather over time and damage it. Instead, look for something that is safe.

3. Do not use animal products

Since you're putting the leather conditioner on an animal product, this sounds pretty silly. The best leather cleansers, on the other hand, don't have any olive oil, mink oil, or neatsfoot oil in them. Why? Over time, these things rot and rust in the leather, which can make it crack and smell bad. You don't want that.

4. Look for car leather conditioners that are made with oil

When it comes to leather treatments, oil-based ones work best. In other words, it's a thick, rich mixture that will get all the way into the leather. Do a test spot on a hidden part of your leather to make sure the conditioner is oil-based. To see if the spot test works, you can move on to the rest of the leather item.

You should stay away from wax, which is often found in leather care items. That's because wax leaves an oily, sticky film on leather, which can eventually close up the pores of the leather (which is bad) and hurt things like your clothes that touch the leather. It's also bad for split leather, like the kind used in cars, because it can build up and even turn white in the openings.

5. Read reviews of the product

A lot of the time, the crowd is right. The best leather cleaners should have thousands of good reviews from real customers on Amazon and other websites. Even though some people will have bad experiences (because no product will work for all types of leather), they should be very rare.

Lastly, follow the directions that come with the leather conditioner. You'll be really happy that you followed them when you see your leather product in a good condition. Remember it is extremely important to follow the detailed instructions provided with each product if you want a good leather experience stop.